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i was kinda debating with the little commentator in my head, on whether or not it is worth it to get my feelings on paul kagame and wyclef out for all to know. obviously i decided for it (remember the “silence won’t protect you” part?).

for those of you under an american rock these past few weeks, paul kagame was re-elected rwanda’s president for another whopping 7years; and wyclef jean announced that he will be running for president of haiti.

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okay, now i’ve been stateside for a few years but i still have to opine about this kagame (kaGOME) business. aside for the repression, censorship and genocidaire business, he’s leading rwanda right into the hand of usa and britain’s largest profiteers (picture image of rwandan slaves marching onto ship, and guess who the overseer is…) now rwandans in the diaspora or in the usa at least, seem to be mute on the subject so far. for whatever reason, politics is seldom something we can talk about openly and with conviction, this is pretty sick of us since 1) we have the freedom to be verbal (something that our peers back home are being jailed for) and 2) we’re probably in this country for political reasons to begin with. so why all the silence? i’m just waiting for us to rise up, to look the state of rwanda square in the face and demand that that genocidal maniac (kagame) be taken out.

i suppose it is to a degree, a matter of political leaning in the individual rwandan young’n, that doesn’t make it any less inexcusable, i mean, even if the folks in gwinett, dayton, los angeles, nashville etc. come out with some crazy shit (like all hail kagame….eek) at least it woud be said, at which point i could put you on my list of who not to travel back home with!

speak up my people!

as far as wyclef, i think it’s quite obvious. maybe it’s the lithium from the miami beach air (where his MANSION is conveniently sitting) or maybe it’s the false sense of supremacy other hollywood idiots gave him after the earthquake…whatever it is though, it’s got him thinking he can actually lead haiti into a better era, tsk tsk wyclef. i know a meglomaniac when i hear one and wyclef, baybay, keep your hands of ayiti! i mean, you would think that someone who claims to care about haiti would have publicly come out and supported the peoples’ demands that aristide be returned or that the multi-national non-profits yield to grassroots efforts…instead this brother is asking (white) hollywood power couples to adopt (black) haitian kids ( because they’ll really know how to keep ayiti’s culture alive in their villas and mountain top estates, smh) and helping support those nonsense non-profit drives that raise millions to pay for the administrative costs of delivering non-sustainable, capitalist aid to the poorest and most economically underdeveloped nation in the west.

good job monsieur president! (please note my sarcasm). there isn’t a palm big enough to slap the ego off his face…but god knows i’ll look for one.


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